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Mahala Morain

About Mahala

Mahala has grown up around horses her entire life. She started barrel racing when she was seven years old and now has six horses of her own. During her free time she enjoys riding, barrel racing, and training.

Mahala studied equine chiropractic and therapy in Canada. Upon graduation, she established Morning Rose Equine Therapy business and has been practicing for four years now. She describes the powerful sense of accomplishment during a session when she is able to visually see and feel the tension leaving the animal.  

Mahala works on horses, cattle, dogs, goats, and pigs. She is certified in equine kinesiology, and provides field therapy with the Bemer blanket. The Bemer blanket is a holistic approach that promotes regeneration of the muscles, reduces stress, relaxes muscles and mindset, and supports rehabilitation after injury. If you have questions about this therapy, give Mahala a call and she's happy to explain how the blanket works and how the therapy may be able to help your horse.

See below for photo's of Mahala in action. To see more photo's of Mahala, check out her Facebook page.

Contact Mahala 515-236-0291

Call Mahala at 515-236-0291 to schedule a session with your horse(s). Alternatively, if you have questions about Mahala's services you can email her at or submit the contact form below. Thanks!

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