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Overnight Layover

Horse hotel service
Daily rate $25

*Please fill out and submit an Overnight Layover Reservation. (See Forms & Documents page)

Overnight Layover

This service includes:
One standard stall with stall mat and bedding
Fresh water
A quarantined turn-out paddock

Use this link to request an Overnight Layover (Horse Hotel) Reservation and provide the state required documents for each horse staying at Pine Hollow Stables. Iowa requires the following documents: an up-to-date vaccination record for each horse and a negative Coggins report for each horse.

We've made it easy for you in just three steps:
Take a readable photo of your records prior to submitting this form
While filling out the form, you have an opportunity to upload them within this form via your cell phone, PC, or tablet. Upload to attach the photo's.
Submit. Easy-peazy, right?

Now, no matter where you are, on-the-road or just hitting the road from four states over, you can have your horses stalls ready for them when you arrive.

Please have your documents ready for review (if necessary) when you arrive at our stables.

Thank you and safe travels!

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