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Welcome To Our

Virtual Map Tour

Sometimes it just helps to look at a map. For your convenience, we've created a virtual map that you can tour through, read about, look at photo's of the location, and maybe even watch a video or two. We hope you enjoy what you see. When you're done scroll down and schedule a real tour of the property.

This is a Google map. You may interact with it by clicking on a object (example "The Gast Barn") and it will give you the option of reading more about the location, pictures of the location, and/or video of the location.


You can enlarge this map by clicking on the frame-brackets in the upper right hand area of the map. This will open the map in Google maps for easier viewing. You can also share this map using the "share" link in the top, right hand corner of the map. 

For advanced users, you can click on the "expand menu" icon on the upper, left-hand corner of the map and filter objects by clicking on the box name(s), giving you more individualized viewing control.

Ready For A Real Tour Now?

Now that you've seen a little of the place, why not take the next step and schedule an on-site tour? Or fill out the Boarder Interest form, let's meet and talk about how Pine Hollow Stables can fill your equine care needs.

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