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Property Improvements

Because We Care.
Because It Matters.
Check out all of the improvements we've made.

Property Improvements
  • Incredible staff who cares and loves your horse(s) as their own!

  • Daily turn out

  • High quality hay

  • New Indoor arena footing with MAG dust control

  • New Jumper arena footing with new jumps

  • 4 New round pens 

  • New pipe fence turn-outs

  • New Automatic waters in turn-outs

  • Broken Western arena fence replaced with welded pipe fence arena

  • Gast Heated Barn and Long Barn Stalls leveled with several inches of lime and matted with stall mats

  • Barn door stall number, new latches, and halter holders

  • Feeding Spreadsheets, Daily checklist and Turn out maps

  • Gast Heated Barn fans and exhaust fan

  • Gast Heated Barn door with window

  • West Barn exhaust fan

  • Cement pads at barns and grain rooms

  • New heated water buckets and corner feeders for full care barn

  • Pasture seeded and trees trimmed

  • Manure containment program away from barns

  • Fly control with WEEKLY fly predators

  • Improved LED lighting in all barns and indoor arena's

  • Repaired stall doors and boards in Long Barn

  • New property septic systems

  • New propane tank for hay barn

  • New indoor arena gates

  • New security system

  • East Barn rolling door

  • East Barn foundation repair

  • East Barn Lockable tack lockers

  • East Barn exhaust fans in arena and stall hallway

  • Purchase of back-up generator

  • Lockable tack lockers

  • New fire hydrants

  • Lots more manure buckets, forks and carts to help keep the arena's clean

  • Removal of broken fence, rock, debris of puppy playground and turned into outdoor horse wash rack with cross ties, matts, and hot water

  • Improved landscaping

  • Staff tool purchases include 3 hay carts, 3 grain carts, 6  2-wheel wheelbarrows, drills, lights, saws

  • Equipment upgrades including, manure dump trailer, skid loader, snow plow and bucket

  • Kubota tractor and Landpride arena groomer, 

  • Eventing jumps: Coups, Log, Picnic table

  • Pot hole repair

  • Cleaning!  Cleaning!  and more Cleaning!

  • Turn out sheds

  • Automatic waterers

  • Front fencing

  • Security system

  • Gutters

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